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“For the first time, technology has given us the capability to simply and efficiently heat blood, plasma or other fluids at the site of the injury for immediate transfusion. Countless lives may be saved as a result.”

Keeping trauma patients warm is critical!

Thermal management is a key component in the survivability rates of trauma patients. Our mission is to completely eliminate the challenges of warming blood and IV fluid from the entire continuum of emergency care so that emergency care professionals will be able to focus on what they do best- saving lives.

Blood & fluid warming across the entire continuum of emergency care

Immediate Warming

Less than 11 Seconds

At Any Input Temperature

From 4°C / 39°F

Even At High Flow Rates

From KVO to 200/290 ml/min (battery/AC) for the full warming range
I have never seen any portable blood and IV fluid Warmer that approximates the performance of the Warrior… The warming range, warming speed, flow rates and battery capacity are outstanding…  Well done!
A.L.; SOF surgeon